Senior school show “Kingdoms” – Updated

December 2, 2019
Christmas Show, Jazz Intermediate Class. Black & Gold
Performance of “Where has Christmas gone?”
November 25, 2019
Halloween Workshop Week! come and join in with some half term fun.1/2 or 3 days 9-3 or 10 – 3. 25th 26th and 27th october
October 12, 2020


For grades 6, 7 and 8. Taking place on Friday 13th December 2019

Dear parents and pupils,

The senior school show will take place on Friday 13th December at 6.30pm and 7.45pm.

Please arrive at 5.45pm with hair in buns and makeup done. The show lasts 45mins and there will be two performances in total.


  • 5.15pm - arrival and warm up for all dancers
  • 5-5.45pm - get into costume, hair, make-up (in the upper studio)
  • 6.30pm - 1st show
    Classes will be called between the shows to have a posed group photo taken
  • 7.45 - 2nd show
  • Pick-up ~ 8.45pm



Tickets will go on sale on Saturday 23rd November. From this date until 1st December, families can purchase up to 4 tickets which are £5 each. You can email your request in advance or purchase tickets at Reception. If you are in need of more tickets, your name will be put on a waitlist. After 1st December, any spare tickets will be offered for purchase to the waitlist names. This ensures that all families have the opportunity to see their child’s performance.

Performing is an excellent way to develop confidence and stage presence which we know the children love to participate in. We hope you are also looking forward to seeing your dancer shine in this production.


Your daughter will be expected to turn up in her show leotard and tights with ballet shoes and pointe wearing a track suit.

The hairstyle will be any plaits that are off the neck


This should be done at home, just heavier than usual. All dancers need to be in make-up to ensure they are not washed out by the stage lights we use in the performance. Again, there are some supplies at the studio. If your dancer has a base foundation, black eye liner and mascara, this will be helpful to keep everything hygienic and to speed up the make-up process.

There will be a charge to take part of £25.00.

Pupils will do 30 minutes exam work and 30 minutes of show work in their weekly class.

Many thanks,
Miss Camilla